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Wei Jiang: Professor of Management Science at ACEM

Wei Jiang is a distinguished professor specializing in Management Science at Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. With a wealth of experience and expertise in the field, Prof. Jiang holds a prominent position within ACEM.

Extensive Research Focus and Impressive Publication Record

Prof. Jiang’s research interests revolve around big data and business analytics, data quality and risk management, as well as logistics and supply chain management. He has published over 70 refereed journal articles, establishing his authority in the field.

Partial List of Notable Publications

Prof. Jiang’s publications have appeared in prestigious journals, showcasing the breadth and depth of his contributions. Some of his notable works include “Spatiotemporal Surveillance Methods in the Presence of Spatial Correlation” published in Statistics in Medicine, “A Cluster-based Context-Tree Model for Multivariate Data Streams with Applications to Anomaly Detection” featured in INFORMS Journal of Computing, and “A LASSO-Bas iagnostic Framework for Multivariate Statistical Process Control” published in Technometrics, among others.

Contributions as an Editor and Board Member

Prof. Jiang actively contributes to the scholarly community through his editorial roles. He serves as an Associate Editor for Naval Research Logistics and IIE Transactions, as well as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Management Analytics and Journal of Management Science and Engineering. Additionally, he is a valuable member of the Editorial Board for Fundamental Research.

Affiliation with Antai College of Economics and Management

Prof. Jiang’s affiliation with ACEM solidifies his position as a key faculty member within the institution. His role as a professor of Management Science highlights his expertise and contribution to the field. By actively engaging in research, publishing, and editorial responsibilities, he plays a vital role in shaping and advancing the academic landscape at ACEM.


In conclusion, Prof. Wei Jiang’s role as a Professor of Management Science at Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) underscores his expertise and contributions to the field. With a focus on big data and business analytics, data quality and risk management, and logistics and supply chain management, Prof. Jiang’s research interests align with contemporary industry demands. Moreover, his impressive publication record, editorial roles, and affiliation with ACEM further solidify his position as a respected scholar and valuable asset to the institution.

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