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Exploring the Versatility of BINMEI’s Butterfly Pea Flower Powder

In the world of natural food coloring, BINMEI stands out as a pioneer, renowned for its innovative products such as blue spirulina, spirulina extract (phycocyanin), and the fascinating Butterfly Pea Flower Powder. In this article, we delve into the applications and benefits of BINMEI’s butterfly pea flower powder, a product that has been making waves in the industry.

A Palette of Colorful Possibilities

BINMEI’s butterfly pea flower powder is a versatile natural coloring agent that has found its way into a wide range of applications. Whether you’re in the food, beverage, cosmetics, or pharmaceutical industry, this vibrant blue powder offers endless creative possibilities. Its brilliant blue hues are heat and light stable, making it a sought-after choice for color enhancement.

The Power of Phycocyanin

BINMEI, renowned for its blue spirulina and spirulina extract (phycocyanin), offers a diverse lineup of phycocyanin products, including powder and liquid forms. The specifications include E6, E10, E18, M18, E25, E30, and organic variants in blue powder form, while E3 is available as a liquid.

Distinct from Spirulina Ultrafine Powder

It’s crucial to note that BINMEI’s butterfly pea flower powder and spirulina ultrafine powder are distinct products. While butterfly pea flower powder is known for its vivid blue color, spirulina ultrafine powder is a green powder with its own set of applications. Be sure not to confuse the two when selecting your natural coloring agent.


In conclusion, BINMEI’s butterfly pea flower powder is a game-changer in the world of natural food coloring. Its versatility, heat and light stability, and compatibility with various industries make it a go-to choice for adding a touch of vibrant blue to your products. With a wide range of phycocyanin products, including powder and liquid forms, BINMEI caters to diverse needs, offering both conventional and organic options.

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