What to Do if a FedEx Truck Comes To You

You should contact FedEx immediately if a FedEx truck rams you. Name and contact information are the most important information you should collect. Also, take photos of the damage to your truck and car. The police should be contacted to report the accident.

You can also contact FedEx customer service to report an accident. The FedEx customer service representative will inspect your vehicle and give you a quote for repairs. They may have to take your vehicle away to inspect the damage. An person who is seriously injured in a FedEx truck collision can suffer financial loss but can file a claim to recover the money. To increase their chances of winning, they can speak with a truck accident lawyer.

Let’s look at what you can do in the event of a FedEx Truck hitting you.

What to Do After an Accident

The following information is important for anyone who has been in an accident involving a FedEx truck.

If there was no injury or physical contact, the driver will record their details and give you a copy.

If they were injured or had physical contact, they will call emergency services and wait for them to arrive.

If you have an emergency, you can call the police.

They will tow your car away if it is damaged.

If your car isn’t damaged, they will ask you if you would prefer them to repair any damage before your vehicle is towed.

How to File an Accident Claim

FedEx trucks are considered one of the most safe modes of transport in the world. Accidents can happen and cause serious injuries to both drivers and passengers. It is crucial that you understand your rights in such situations and the steps required to file an injury claim against the company.

There are many ways to file lawsuits. However, the first thing you will need is a truck accident lawyer who can fully investigate your case. These are the basics you will need in order to file an accident claim against FedEx if you’re hit by a FedEx truck.

Criminal history of Driver

Driver’s records before FedEx hired them

Complete record of FedEx driver while operating different routes

FedEx Drivers Training Record

FedEx Driver Record


You may be wondering what you should do after being hit by a FedEx Truck.

You must file an insurance claim with the insurance company if you are injured in an accident. To speed up the process, you will need to complete a form. If your vehicle was damaged, you will need to file a FedEx claim. If they do not have liability insurance, you will need to contact their claims team. This process can be started by a lawyer.


These tips can help you make a plan for your recovery after being struck by a FedEx Truck. It is important to have an accident lawyer that will guide you through the process and help you file a claim. Collect all evidence and data you can to support your case.

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