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Fivali Figure 8 Back Brace: A Revolutionary Solution for Adults with Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a medical condition that affects the spine, causing it to curve abnormally. While it can be treated with surgery, physical therapy, and bracing, finding the right scoliosis back brace for adults can be challenging. That’s where Fivali Figure 8 Back Brace comes in – a revolutionary solution that provides upper back support and improves posture for adults with scoliosis.

Removable Shoulder Pad Design

One of the unique features of Fivali Figure 8 Back Brace is its removable shoulder pad design. This upper back support brace allows for proper air circulation and prevents sweating, making it more comfortable to wear. The shoulder pads are also adjustable, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

Adjustable Tightness

Fivali Figure 8 Back Brace is designed to be adjustable, allowing users to customize the level of support they need. The brace can be tightened or loosened to suit individual needs, making it a versatile solution for adults with scoliosis.

Allow for Proper Air Circulation

The removable shoulder pad design also allows for proper air circulation, keeping the skin cool and dry. This is especially important for individuals who may experience sweating or discomfort while wearing a brace.


Fivali Figure 8 Back Brace is a game-changer for adults with scoliosis. Its removable shoulder pad design, adjustable tightness, and ability to allow for proper air circulation make it a comfortable and effective solution for improving posture and providing upper back support. With its sleek design and breathable material, Fivali Figure 8 Back Brace is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a stylish and functional brace.

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