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Breaking Boundaries in Urinary Stone Treatment: Wellead Medical’s ClearPetra Revolution

Wellead Medical introduces the ClearPetra System, a game-changing innovation designed for the efficient and effective treatment of urinary stones. Their commitment to cutting-edge medical solutions shines through in this advanced system, tailored to meet the demands of healthcare institutions seeking reliable and high-performance tools for stone clearance.

Discover the Advantages of ClearPetra System

Wellead Medical ClearPetra System is engineered to provide exceptional benefits in urinary stone treatment. Through Negative Pressure Aspiration via an oblique side port on the ClearPetra sheath, this system revolutionizes the stone clearance process.

Key Features of ClearPetra System

Enhanced Stone Clearance: The ClearPetra System boasts a high stone clearance rate, efficiently removing stone fragments from the urinary tract.

Reduced Intra-Luminal Pressure: With a vortex created by continuous irrigation and suction, the system minimizes operational pressure, enhancing safety during surgery.

Prevents Stone Retropulsion: Negative Pressure Aspiration effectively prevents the retrograde migration of stones, while simultaneously removing stone fragments.

Improved Visual Field: Continuous irrigation and suction eliminate bleeding and dust storms, ensuring a clear visual field for precise procedures.

Streamlined Operation: The need for stone baskets, forceps, and anti-retropulsion devices is eliminated, simplifying the surgical process.

Time Efficiency: By controlling and removing fragments efficiently, the ClearPetra System shortens procedure times, optimizing operating efficiency.


The ClearPetra System exemplifies Wellead Medical‘s dedication to innovation and superior patient care. Their commitment to delivering advanced medical solutions shines through in this groundbreaking system. Healthcare institutions choosing the ClearPetra System from Wellead Medical demonstrate their commitment to elevating urological procedures, ensuring patient safety, and embracing the latest technology for stone treatment.

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