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High Performance Surgical Gown: Unmatched Protection for High-Risk Procedures

In surgical procedures characterized by extended durations and a high risk of exposure to body fluids, the significance of a reliable and effective surgical gown cannot be overstated. Winner Medical, a trusted brand in the medical industry, has developed the high-performance surgical gown specifically to provide unmatched protection in such high-risk scenarios.

Impervious Fluid and Alcohol Repellent

Winner Medical’s high-performance surgical gown is crafted with precision and expertise, incorporating key features that ensure optimal protection. The gown is designed with an impervious fluid and alcohol repellent material, creating a formidable barrier against the infiltration of fluids and reducing the risk of infection transmission. This feature is crucial in procedures involving large amounts of fluid, where maintaining a sterile environment is of utmost importance.

Designed for High-Risk Procedures

The high-performance surgical gown by Winner Medical is purposefully designed to cater to high-risk procedures. Its construction takes into account the unique challenges and potential hazards associated with these types of surgeries. The gown’s design and material selection are specifically tailored to address the demands of such procedures, providing enhanced protection and peace of mind for healthcare professionals.

Compliance with EN 13795 Standards

Winner Medical’s commitment to quality and safety is evident in the high-performance surgical gown’s compliance with the EN 13795 standard for high-performance surgical gown protection. This standard ensures that the gown meets stringent requirements for barrier effectiveness, strength, and durability. By adhering to these rigorous standards, Winner Medical ensures that the gown provides reliable protection and meets the expectations of healthcare professionals.

Soft and Comfortable

In addition to its exceptional protective properties, the high-performance surgical gown prioritizes the comfort of healthcare professionals. Winner Medical understands that prolonged procedures can be physically demanding, and discomfort can hinder performance. Therefore, the gown is designed to be soft and comfortable, allowing for ease of movement and minimizing distractions during critical surgical tasks.


Winner Medical’s high-performance surgical gown offers unmatched protection and comfort for high-risk surgical procedures. With its impervious fluid and alcohol repellent material, purposeful design, compliance with EN 13795 standards, and focus on comfort, this gown stands as a reliable choice for healthcare professionals. Trust Winner Medical to provide you with a surgical gown that ensures optimal protection and facilitates a safe surgical environment for both medical personnel and patients.

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