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NewStar: Enhance Cycling Adventures with a Truck Hitch Bike Rack

As a trusted bike rack for truck hitch supplier, NewStar presents the CR6608-4-2 Truck Hitch Bike Rack, a reliable and convenient bike rack for truck hitch solution for transporting bicycles on truck. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of this bike rack, specifically designed for truck hitches. With its smart design, sturdy construction, and versatile compatibility, NewStar ensures a seamless cycling experience.

Smart Tilting and Folding Design

The CR6608-4-2 Truck Hitch Bike Rack by NewStar features a smart tilting and folding design, allowing easy access to your truck’s rear while the rack is loaded with bikes. The folding carry arms provide convenient storage when not in use, ensuring maximum versatility and space-saving capabilities.

Sturdy and Secure Construction

Constructed with high-quality materials, this bike rack ensures durability and security during transportation. The 3-inch diameter U-shaped steel carry arms and the anti-sway cradle provide enhanced stability for your bikes. Additionally, the included safety strap adds an extra layer of protection, safeguarding your bicycles and truck’s paintwork.

Versatile Compatibility for Truck Hitches

The CR6608-4-2 Truck Hitch Bike Rack is specifically designed for truck hitches, offering a seamless fit and secure attachment. With its 1-1/4-inch and 2-inch hitch compatibility, this rack is suitable for various truck models. Enjoy the convenience of easily installing and removing the bike rack whenever needed.

Reliable Load Capacity

With a total capacity of 110 lbs, the CR6608-4-2 Truck Hitch Bike Rack can comfortably accommodate up to three bikes, each weighing up to 36 lbs. This robust load capacity ensures that customers can transport their bikes safely and securely, even on challenging terrains or long-distance trips.


NewStar’s CR6608-4-2 Truck Hitch Bike Rack is the perfect companion for truck owners who enjoy cycling adventures. Its smart tilting and folding design, sturdy construction, versatile compatibility, and reliable load capacity make it an excellent choice for transporting bicycles with ease and peace of mind. Trust NewStar to enhance cycling experiences on trucks.

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