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The Artistry of Light – SmallRig’s LED Video Lights Unleashed

In the vast realm of LED video lights, SmallRig emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering creators two distinct yet equally powerful solutions – the RC 350 COB LED Video Light and the RM120 RGB Video Light 3808. This Q&A delves into the unique characteristics of each, unraveling their diverse applications in portable cob lights and the creative possibilities they unfold.

What sets the RC 350 COB LED Video Light apart, and how does its design cater to the needs of creators in various scenarios?

The RC 350 stands tall as SmallRig’s powerhouse, boasting a Chip on Board (COB) design that delivers high light intensity with a soft, consistent output. Tailored for creators who demand versatility, this LED video light is a studio virtuoso. Its adjustable settings, spanning warm to cool tones, empower filmmakers to mimic different lighting conditions, making it a perfect companion for dramatic scenes, interviews, or product shoots. The RC 350’s robust build ensures durability, while its ease of control positions it as an indispensable tool for achieving professional-quality productions.

How does its RGB capabilities enhance the creative palette for video creators, and in which scenarios does it shine the brightest?

The RM120 RGB Video Light 3808 is the epitome of compact brilliance. Beyond traditional illumination, this light injects a burst of color and mood into the scene. With its RGB capabilities, creators can paint their shots with a spectrum of colors, making it an ideal choice for music videos, creative vlogs, or experimental projects. Its portability shines in on-location shoots, allowing creators to swiftly adapt to changing environments or infuse specific lighting effects into their content on the fly. The RM120 is not just a light; it’s a dynamic tool for creators who dare to explore the vibrant realms of visual storytelling.

How do these SmallRig LED Video Lights cater to the diverse needs of creators?

SmallRig’s LED Video Lights embody the brand’s commitment to versatility. The RC 350 takes center stage in professional studio environments, providing precise control over brightness and color temperature. On the other hand, the RM120 RGB Video Light 3808 steps into the dynamic world of on-location shoots, offering creators a compact and colorful solution to meet the challenges of outdoor environments. Together, these lights create a dynamic duo, ensuring that whether you’re crafting cinematic masterpieces in a controlled studio or capturing the spontaneity of the outdoors, SmallRig has a lighting solution tailored to your needs.


In the symphony of visual storytelling, SmallRig’s RC 350 COB LED Video Light and RM120 RGB Video Light 3808 emerge as virtuoso performers. Each light brings its unique melody, catering to the diverse needs of creators across various scenarios. As SmallRig continues to illuminate the path to creative excellence, video creators can trust in the brilliance of these LED lights to bring their visions to life with unmatched vibrancy and precision.

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