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Elevating the Cinema Experience: VIP Upgrades for Unforgettable Comfort

Leadcom Seating understands that delivering a world-class cinema experience goes beyond comfort, safety, and ease of maintenance and cleaning. Many clients aim to provide additional amenities such as food and drink service, privacy screens, and cinema seats that can better accommodate couples. To meet these demands, Leadcom offers a wide range of VIP upgrades, including food swivel trays, in-arm storage, and flip-up middle arms for love-seat configurations. With Leadcom Seating, revolutionize your commercial cinema seating experience and provide your patrons with an unforgettable level of comfort and convenience.

VIP Upgrades for Enhanced Dining Experience

Beyond traditional cinema seating, Leadcom offers VIP upgrades that cater to clients looking to provide a premium dining experience. The addition of food swivel trays allows patrons to enjoy their meals comfortably while watching the movie. These convenient trays can be easily swung into position when needed, providing a seamless and enjoyable dining experience right from the comfort of their seats.

In-Arm Storage for Personal Belongings

Leadcom understands the importance of convenience for cinema-goers. With in-arm storage options, patrons can safely and conveniently store their personal belongings during the movie. This feature eliminates the need for additional storage space and ensures that each audience member can keep their essentials close at hand, enhancing their overall cinema experience.

Love-Seat Configurations for Couples

Catering to the needs of couples, Leadcom offers flip-up middle arms that transform regular cinema seats into love-seat configurations. This innovative design allows couples to enjoy the movie side by side, creating a more intimate and comfortable viewing experience. By offering these specialized seating options, cinemas can attract a wider audience and provide an exceptional level of comfort for all patrons.


With Leadcom Seating, a revolutionized cinema stadium seating experience is within reach. Beyond comfort, safety, and ease of maintenance and cleaning, Leadcom offers VIP upgrades that transform the cinema experience for both venue managers and patrons. From food swivel trays to in-arm storage and love-seat configurations, these enhancements provide unparalleled comfort and convenience. Contact Leadcom Seating today to discuss your project and discover just how affordable and incredible comfort and convenience can be. Let Leadcom outfit your cinema with excellent, attractive, durable, and comfortable commercial cinema seating solutions that suit your budget. Call today!

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