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E-Ink Digital Signage from Seekink: An Innovative Display Solution

Seekink is an exceptional provider of comprehensive EPD services. Its mission is to continuously advance the digital transformation of various industries through the use of environmentally sustainable, energy-efficient, and healthy display technologies, while remaining committed to innovation and sustainability in the digital economy. Its overarching approach is to provide comprehensive services across the entire vertical Internet of Things ecosystem, with electronic paper displays serving as the central element. Digital door sign is one of their products.

Exceptional visual experience

Equipped with a color gamut of up to 60,000, the e-Ink Digital Signage produces images that are as vivid and crystal-clear as printed materials. The e-paper screen’s resolution of 3200 x 1800 enables it to provide dazzling content and display more details for your advertising and exhibition requirements.

By encompassing a greater viewing area, the 178° angle of view guarantees that your information will be discernible to a more extensive audience. Equipped with 145 DPI and supported by cutting-edge e-paper technology, the e-ink digital signage features 16 grey levels. This provides an aesthetically appealing experience for perusing or witnessing, comparable to that of a conventional paper poster.


Seekink offers comprehensive EPD services using environmentally sustainable, energy-efficient display technologies. Their digital door sign, with a color gamut of up to 60,000 and a resolution of 3200 x 1800, provides a vivid visual experience. With a 178° angle of view and 16 grey levels, it offers an aesthetically appealing experience comparable to traditional paper posters. Seekink’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the digital economy is evident in their services.

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