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This solution is great for website owners, store owners, authorized resellers, retailers with higher volumes and store owners. It’s not for the general population.

Digital images should be printed on white or dark-colored garments using DTG printing technology with eco-friendly inks to preserve their vibrancy. Digital printing services should inspect each garment before it is sent to the customer.

You should also ensure that all details of your order are correct. This includes quantities, colors, shipping information, and any special instructions.

High-quality printing services

The following should be included in your DTG printing business:

  • Shipping is quick
  • Most orders are delivered within five days.
  • Production is amazing.
  • Most orders can be completed within one week. Rush service is available.
  • Environment-friendly
  • DTG ink that is water-based

Screen Printing

Digitally printed tee shirts in full color will make your event and company stand out! After going digital, it’s impossible for you to go back to screen printing.

Simple Procedure

Your customers have the option to choose from a variety of high-quality cotton T-shirts thanks to our in-house designers. Are your customers familiar with a logo? Do they have an idea of what they are looking for?

Customers should be advised on how to send high-resolution images and what design changes they need to make. To ensure customer satisfaction, final proofs must be checked before they are sent to press.

Use digital printing experts to print beautiful graphics on soft and stylish t-shirts.

Select from a range of clothing

It is important for each person to have their own style. It’s understandable. You should therefore offer a variety of tees. You should offer all the options, no matter what length, such as v-necks or baseball shirts, short sleeves, or high visibility.

You should also offer a variety of sweatshirts such as hoodies and zip-up jackets. Customers can create the apparel they want using Direct-to-Garment printing.

What’s Digital T-Shirt Printing?

Digital t-shirt printing (also known as Direct to Garment or DTG printing) allows you to print your image directly on each tee at high speed and clarity.

This is the only way to create a t-shirt that has crisp, detailed colors, photos, logos and unlimited design options. The soft surface is more durable than printing on a rigid “patch-like screen”.

This ink is certified eco-friendly. This standard has been adopted by the textile industry as proof that our inks are suitable for sustainable textile production. It is safe for children and babies.

Large-format digital printers for signs use millions of color pixels to create a nearly 3-D reproduction of all shades, whites, and greys in order to present the brightest, best-looking images.

Can you print digitally on black clothes?

That’s right! While most companies offer DTG services only on lighter t-shirts , some large companies like PRUF can dtg print t shirts any order, no matter how small or large.

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