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Power and Intelligence Combined: Exploring the Smart Features of EVB’s 3 Guns Fast AC Charging

EVB‘s 3 Guns Fast AC Charging system not only offers powerful charging capabilities but also incorporates intelligent features for an enhanced user experience. In this blog post, we will explore the smart features and functions of EVB’s AC chargers. From various connection mode options to dynamic charging information display and flexible billing, EVB’s smart charging solutions revolutionize the way we charge our electric vehicles.

Connection Mode Options

EVB’s AC chargers provide multiple connection mode options, catering to different user preferences. With built in Wi Fi connectivity, EV owners can easily connect their vehicles to the charging station, enabling seamless data exchange and communication. Additionally, mobile app control allows users to monitor and manage their charging sessions remotely, providing convenience and flexibility.

Smart Features

Dynamic Charging Information Display: EVB’s AC chargers feature a dynamic charging information display, providing real time updates on the charging progress. Users can easily track the charging status, including current charging power, remaining time, and battery level. This feature allows for efficient planning and optimization of charging sessions.

User Friendly Interfaces: EVB’s AC chargers are designed with user friendly interfaces, making the charging experience intuitive and hassle free. Clear and easy to understand displays, along with simple navigation controls, ensure that users can interact with the charging station effortlessly. The user centric design promotes a seamless and enjoyable charging experience.


EVB’s 3 Guns Fast AC Charging system combines power and intelligence to deliver a cutting edge charging experience. With various connection mode options, including Wi Fi connectivity and mobile app control, users have greater flexibility and control over their charging sessions. The smart features, such as dynamic charging information display, flexible billing, and user friendly interfaces, enhance convenience and optimize the charging process. Embrace EVB’s smart charging solutions and unlock the full potential of charging your electric vehicle. Experience the power of intelligence and enjoy a seamless and efficient charging experience with EVB’s 3 Guns Fast AC Charging system.

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