How much marijuana can you harvest

I will show you how many pounds you can get from a hydroponic garden.

Hydroponic plants are plants that grow in water. All of the nutrients the plant requires to grow are found in the water. These plants can grow to large sizes and produce lots of weed.

A typical hydroponic plant will produce between 1 and 2 lbs of weed. Some plants can produce up to 4 lbs of weed. It all depends on how big the plant is and what conditions it is growing in.

You can buy weed seeds online and grow lots of weed by growing hydroponic plants. These plants can produce a lot of weed, and they are easy to grow.

What’s hydro?

Hydroponics is used to grow hydroponic cannabis plants. Hydroponics is a method of growing cannabis plants in water, instead of soil. Hydro plants are more productive than plants that have been grown in soil and grow faster.

What are some of the benefits to growing hydro?

Hydroponics is a great way to grow cannabis plants. Hydroponics plants grow much faster than those grown in soil and produce more cannabis plants. Hydro allows growers to regulate the water’s nutrient level, which can result in healthier plants. Hydroponics can also be used to grow plants where soil is unavailable, such as in concrete or basements.

How much marijuana can I get from a hydro-plant?

If you ask about the yield of hydro plants, there are many factors that will affect your answer.

– The plant’s size

-The hydro system type used

-The grow medium

-The lighting system

-Nutrients used

You can expect to get around 1g per watt. A 1000W light source would yield approximately 1kg (2.2lbs), of marijuana. However, the final yield will depend on many factors.

Is it worthwhile to spend money on a hydro-planter?

When deciding whether to purchase a hydro planter, there are many factors to consider. All factors are important, including the price of the unit, the cost for media and nutrients, as well as the effort and time required to maintain a hydro planter.

Hydro planters offer the greatest benefit for growing your plants. Hydro plants can produce twice the amount of weed than soil-grown plants. You can also turn your crop over faster because they grow faster.

Hydro systems are more difficult to maintain than soil systems. Hydro systems will require more frequent cleaning and sterilization. You also need to pay attention to pH levels and nutrient levels. Hydro systems may not be the best investment if you aren’t willing to do the extra work.

Which are the best hydro strains for you?

Hydroponics-friendly strains are often fast-growing and high yielding. These are some of the most popular hydro strains:

* White Widow is a classic strain, well-known for its high yielding and potent effects.

* Cheese – This is a popular strain that produces lots of buds and is easy to grow.

* Northern Lights is a classic strain, which is easy to grow and extremely potent.


This question is difficult to answer because it depends on many factors such as the size and quality of the weed. As a rule of thumb, expect to harvest around 1-2 ounces per plant. A large hydro plant is required if you want to harvest significant amounts of marijuana.

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