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Haohua Machine’s Pipe Machine and Extrusion Plastic Manufacturing: Specifications and Total Power

When it comes to pipe machine and extrusion plastic manufacturing, Haohua machine stands out as a reliable and innovative brand. In this article, we will explore the specifications and total power of their automatic PPR plastic pipe making machines, offering insights into their cutting-edge technology and commitment to excellence.

Automatic PPR Plastic Pipe Making Machine: Various Models with Impressive Specifications

Haohua machine’s automatic PPR plastic pipe making machines are designed to meet diverse industry requirements. With models like PPR-63, PPR-110, and PPR-160, customers have a range of options in terms of pipe diameter. These machines provide sturdy and efficient production capabilities for plumbing systems, water supply networks, and other applications.

Total Power: Empowering Productivity in Extrusion Plastic Manufacturing

Haohua machine’s commitment to efficiency is evident through the powerful total power capacity of their pipe machines. The PPR-63 model operates at 75 kW, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted production. For larger projects, the PPR-110 model offers a higher total power of 145 kW, while the PPR-160 model boasts an impressive 180 kW. These robust power specifications enable Haohua machine to cater to various scales of extrusion plastic manufacturing needs.


Haohua machine’s pipe machine and extrusion plastic manufacturing capabilities are characterized by state-of-the-art technology and a commitment to excellence. Their automatic PPR plastic pipe making machines, available in different models and pipe diameter options, provide versatile solutions for plumbing, water supply, and more. With impressive total power capacities of 75 kW, 145 kW, and 180 kW, Haohua machine empowers efficient and productive manufacturing processes. Choose Haohua machine for your pipe machine requirements and experience the reliability, performance, and precision that have made them industry leaders.

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