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Wholesale Cooperation Opportunity: Huntkey GaN Fast Charger – Power Up Your Business

Huntkey is the renowned brand in power solutions. With its latest 100W gan fast charger (2C1A), Huntkey brings you a powerful and efficient charging solution that supports simultaneous charging of three devices. Read on to discover the benefits of partnering with Huntkey and how the 100W GaN fast charger can meet the diverse needs of your customers.

Superior Technology for Greater Efficiency

Experience unmatched power and efficiency with the 100W GaN fast charger by Huntkey. Through rigorous product testing, this wall charger has proven to provide three times the charging speed compared to traditional chargers. Utilizing third-generation Semiconductor GaN Technology, it reduces volume by approximately 30%, making it a highly portable option for both travel and daily use.

Safety and Compatibility at Its Finest

Huntkey prioritizes safety and compatibility in all its products, and the 100W GaN fast charger is no exception. Equipped with multiple protection features like overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit protection, it ensures safe charging overnight. Additionally, the charger’s smart chip and advanced PD 3.0 technology enable high-speed charging while maintaining optimal temperature control.


Partnering with Huntkey for their GaN fast charger is an opportunity to offer your customers a reliable and efficient charging solution. The 100W GaN fast charger supports simultaneous charging of multiple devices, boasts superior safety features, and is compatible with various protocols. With its compact design and cutting-edge technology, this charger is perfect for both personal and professional use. Don’t miss out on the chance to collaborate with Huntkey and become a provider of top-quality power solutions. Contact Huntkey today to explore the wholesale cooperation opportunities and empower your business with the Huntkey gan fast charger.

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